Saturday, March 6, 2010

Orohaven - Kokoda Retreat, The best place to stay when starting or finish the Kokoda Trail!

Our Orohaven Retreat is the ideal location to start or finish the Kokoda Trail.

After 8 nights on the trail it is great to arrive at Orohaven to icy cold drinks, a hot shower, a flushing toilet and a comfortable bed. Makes all the aches and pain go away.

Only a few trekking companies use our facilities at present, so before you book with any other trekking company, ask where you will be staying in Kokoda at the end of your hard Kokoda trek. All trekking companies are welcome to use the retreat, so even if you do choose to walk with another company, you could always ask to stay at Orohaven.

I would be dissapointed if I had to stay in a tent, have a cold shower and use a pit toilet, when less than a 10 minute walk down the road you could be staying in a nice guest house, having a icy cold beer after a hot refreshing shower!

Another plus is that Orohaven is located right beside the airport. Instead of sitting in a shed next to the airstrip, you simply walk over to the terminal when you see that the plane is about to land.

Have a look at more photos, of Orohaven, click the link below.

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Firstly thanks a lot for such an informative post. I am happy that I found your post while searching for informative posts in which there is description about Kokoda Trekking.

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